K300 E-cigarette Kamry 2014 New Mod

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Another New Mod from Kamry , The Kamry k300 is now here in black and chrome, one of the sleekest colour combinations possible. An adjustable tube mod that has extensions tubes, one for the larger 18650 battery, one for 18500 and a smaller one to make a more compact 18350. Made of high quality steel. Has a nice heft, look and feel of quality too it.

This Mod is expected to be 2014 best selling mod .

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Product Description

Special Design:

1.Strong metal texture

2.The mix shape of Round and concave-convex,more exquisite feeling.No slip from your hands.

3.Latest most fashionable design in black and chrome definitely makes this mod stand out.

4. 5 clicks will lock the k300 and unlock the device

Packing contents:

Great Features of K300:
1. Rebuildable atomizer with changeable coils
2. Top cap integrated with the tank shield
3. Bottom activated switch with locking mechanism
4. Venthole at the bottom of the PV
5. Stock top cap comes with a single airhole

 Brand Name  Kamry
 Model Number  K300
 Color black, chrome
 Atomizer  Atomizer Diameter:22mm±0.5
 Atomizer Length:73mm±1
 Atomizer weight:40g±1
 Battery Cone Diameter  22mm±0.5
 18350 Battery  18350 Battery Cone Length:74mm±1(18350×1pcs)
 18350 dry battery weight:23g±1
 18350 Battery capacity:900mAh
 18650 Battery  18650 Battery Cone Length:101mm±1(18650×1pcs)
 18650 dry battery weight:40g±1
 18650 Battery capacity:2000mAh
 Input voltage  3.7V
 Output Voltage  3.7V~7.2V
 Charging Time  3~5 Hours

Package Contents 

 18650/18350 Battery  2pcs
 Battery Tube  1pcs
 Atomizer Cover  1pcs
 X6 v2 Atomizers  1pcs
 X6  v2 atomizer coil  1pcs
 English Manual  1pcs
 Battery Charger  1pcs
 Warranty Card  1pcs
 Zipper Case  1pcs

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Black, Stainless Steel