Innokin Itaste CLK 1280

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The iTaste CLK! 1280 is compact variable voltage device that packs a lot of power.

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Product Description

The Itaste CLK 1280 is classed as an advanced stater e-cigarette with the convenience of being easy to use whilst having a large 1280mAh battery life. The CLK has pass through ability like most Innokin mods, which means it will never lack power and is always ready to use.


Simply charge the device through the micro usb port which is located next to the on/off button and power level indicator. The CLk has a range of 3.5v to 5v and is adjusted in small incruments by turning the voltage wheel at the bottom of the battery. The CLK will give you a huge amount of vapour and a great taste when combined with a tank such as the Innokin Gladuis (which is available at Freshmist).


The iTaste CLK! 1280 comes with lanyard, charger and beauty ring.