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Through a long, sometimes quite infuriating procession of trial and error, we have mastered and perfected 5 very UNIQUE flavours.

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Ruby is a bringer of inner peace. Once you start to vape the Ruby, your mouth will be filled with a mixture of tantalising combinations of the sweetest of berries, with a fiery fennel undertones, topped with a slightly cool, refreshing and soothing blast of Freshness. Ruby has many over tones and under tones which makes her complicated, hard to work out, but delectable to vape.

Can you guess what flavours are in this complex mix?



Elegance, sophistication and complexity are what make sapphire the go to for all fruit lovers. It is a combination of the best berries, currants, spicy floral undertones and a subtle menthol breeze that will take you back, and enhance your senses, leaving a bright, crisp feel in your mouth.

What does this flavour remind you of?

It reminds us of a blue fruit bubbly cocktail.



Amethyst is known for its soothing demeanour. With sharp, crisp blasts of currants on the inhale and an instant, refreshing undertone on the exhale, Amethyst will leave you craving for more. Feeling under the weather, slightly gloomy, bored etc.? Let Amethyst take care of that.

This is the magical elixir that supposedly gave Einstein his justification for the theory of relativity.

Do you agree?

Give Amethyst a try, you will NOT be disappointed.



Emerald has divided and conquered. It has taken the reign of all time summer fruit champion. It combines not only the smoothest and sweetest of fruits and berries, but also has the wild, forest fruit compilation with sharp, crisp undertones. The mathematical formula is that complex; Hawkins couldn’t even figure it out. More than ten complimentary fruits bind this flavour together and deliver only a punch like Balboa.

Get in the ring. Let’s go ten rounds. You know you’re ready!

Confused about the strength? Don’ be. On a sub oHm build (approx. 0.3-.5oHms), with our gemstone range, this easy to use MG converter will clarify which strength you should be on.


Gemstone Range – PG20/80VG                                         Standard Range(s) – PG70/30VG

0mg                                                                                         0mg

2mg                                                                                         8mg

4mg                                                                                         11mg

6mg                                                                                         18mg


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