18650 Kamry Battery

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1.Works with Itaste, KTS, Kamry and Vamo mods.
2.Dry cell 2000mAh battery
3.Excellent high drain performance
4.Long lifespan
5.Low inner resistance
6.high energy density

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1. High operation voltage, Li-ion batteries produce 3.6 volts.
2. High energy density.
3. Long cycle life, more than 300 charge/discharge cycles ( 80% capacity remained ).
4. Minimal self-discharge, less than 10% monthly.
5. Wide temperature range, operation from :-20°C~+60°C
6. Be charged & discharged at anytime because of non-memory.
7. Environmentally compatible.
8. High level of safety, vision Lithium ion batteries catch no fire and cause no explosion in breaking experiment, with acupuncture, smash, drop, and so on.