Cloud Chasing Range

You’re quite a connoisseur of e-liquids now. You’ve ventured through, trying and testing a multitude of different flavours, hoping to find the one that will change it all for you. The one that will tantalise your taste buds, with mouth-watering flavours. The one that will not only set the bar for an excellent taste, but lift it and raise it higher than it’s ever been.

Want to know what this is? Simple; you’ve finally found it. The gemstone range!

Through a long, sometimes quite infuriating procession of trial and error, we have mastered and perfected 5 very UNIQUE flavours. We have undertaken countless numbers of trials, very intense market/customer research, vigorous product testing with our clientele, and even had well known reviewers give us feedback, which have all inevitably helped in the completion of this game changing e-liquid range.

Have you got what it takes to take on the gemstone ladies? Have a try. We dare you!

All of our Gemstone range e-liquids are made at an 80% (VG)/20% (PG) mix, which will guarantee huge clouds with no loss in flavour. Through many years of R&D within the vaping community, we have found that this is the best mix in regards to Throat hit, Flavour and Vapour deliverance is our 80/20 mix.

These e-liquids are intended for person(s) using RDA/RBA systems and VV/VW devices (or mechanical mods). Due to the viscosity of the e-liquid please note that on pre-build coils (such as CE4/eVod etc) can and probably will burn out extremely quickly.

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