How To Use An Electronic Cigarette

The basic process of e-cigarette smoking is similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. This is also known as Vaping.

howto2Using an e-cigarette for the first time can be a bit daunting; the big thing you need to remember is to break the habit that you developed when you first started smoking. When you vape an e-cigarette, you don’t want to inhale directly into the lungs, like you would do with a normal cigarette. You want to draw the vapour into your mouth, and then inhale it into your lungs, which is the likely method when you first started smoking.

You will want to take a long draw of the e-cigarette for about 3-4 seconds; compared to the 1-2 seconds you would take to draw from a normal tobacco cigarette.

To get the most out of the nicotine absorption you will want to release the vapour slowly, preferably through the nose, but through the mouth will be just fine too.

Trying To Quit Smoking:

You may need to play around with different strengths of e-liquids until you find one right for your needs. On our e-liquid page we have given a basic example of what strength would be required for someone who is new to vaping and a gauge depending on the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily.

If you are trying to quit smoking, most customers will start off with a fairly strong e-liquid, but then over time decrease the strength to wean yourself off the nicotine.

Getting Started

The idea of our electronic cigarette starter kits is that you start off with an e-liquid strength that is suitable for you, based on the amount you currently smoke. Gradually, you should be able to reduce the nicotine dosage that you are vaping until you are on a ZERO strength e-liquid!