We will be surprised if you cant find the answer to your question here, but if you cant then please feel free to drop us a line on our contact page.

Charging & Usage

How long does my E-Cigarette take to charge?

New batteries are supplied partially pre-charged and are ready for use. On average a fully discharged battery will take 2 hours to recharge completely.

How long does the battery last between charges?

Battery charge life varies depending on usage. A fully charged Clear mist E-Cig battery should last around 2 hours in constant use.

Why does the Light Flash?

The battery tip flashing is a low power indicator. You will need to recharge the battery if the tip starts flashing.

How do I know when to recharge my E-Cigarette?

The light  flashing is a low power warning which indicates the battery needs to be recharged. The Clear Mist E-Cig battery can be recharged at any point of the usage cycle. If you can avoid fully discharging the battery repeatedly and recharge the battery before the tip blinks it will help to prolong it's lifespan.

Can you provide any battery safety information?

The Clear Mist E-Cig has safe-circuitry and overcharge protection built-in. However, storing your battery or using your battery incorrectly may damage the incorporated safety features. Important Battery Safety Information
  • Never charge or leave the battery in the charger overnight
  • Never charge a battery for longer than stated
  • Never leave a battery charging while unattended
  • Never place a battery next to mobile phones, e-readers or magnetised objects
  • Never charge a battery with a damaged adaptor
  • Never attempt to charge a battery that has been dropped or damaged
  • Never charge with an unspecified charger
  • Never charge with a modified charger
  • Never attempt to modify the battery
  • Never disassemble a battery
  • Never dispose of batteries in fire or water
  • Always beware of static electricity
  • Always use the adaptor supplied with your battery
  • Always keep your batteries away from extreme sources of heat
  • Always recharge the battery if fully discharged

Why does my battery not charge?

Check that the threads of the battery and USB charger are clean. Fluff or a buildup of dirt on the threads will prevent a proper connection and may also damage battery cells. We advise that you regularly clean the battery thread by wiping it with a tissue.   If a Clear Mist E-Cig battery is stored in a fully discharged state it will fail to recharge. Storing or placing a Clear Mist E-Cig battery next to magnetised objects such as keys or sat navs, e-readers and mobile phones may damage the battery cells. If the battery fails to charge, you will need to order a spare battery. Batteries are consumable and approx. lifespan is around 2-3 months subject to user care. If your battery is more than a couple of months old it may need replacing.

How often should I replace my batteries?

Clear Mist's high quality batteries are built with lithium-ion technology and regular replacement of these items is recommended to maintain peak performance. We recommend you replace your batteries every 2-3 months which will ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your Cartomizers.

Am I overusing my E-Cigarette?

With a normal cigarette, an average smoker only tends to take several proper puffs while the rest of the cigarette burns away. Unlike a real tobacco cigarette the Clear Mist E-Cig does not burn down when not in use. We recommend limiting the number of inhales to 7 per session with each inhale lasting 2 to 3 seconds. We class this as having 1 cigarette. The best way to make the most of the Clear Mist E-Cig is to use it at the times when you would have a tobacco cigarette. If you usually smoke a cigarette every hour, then only use the Clear Mist E-Cig once per hour. The Clear Mist E-Cig is convenient which makes it very easy to take extra puffs without even noticing. A clear indication that you are overusing the Clear Mist E-Cig is if you need to recharge batteries frequently and are using too many Cartomizers.

How do I Smoke the Clear Mist E Cigarette?

'Smoking' the Clear Mist E-Cig is really called 'vaping' as there is no physical smoke only vapour. We suggest you follow these simple techniques:
  • Avoid drawing too hard or too fast, as this will limit vapour flow and nicotine delivery
  • Take light, slow, steady puffs for optimal results
  • Inhaling the vapour into your lungs provides a deeper nicotine throat hit, where holding the vapour in your mouth like a cigar, will enhance the taste
  • Holding the vapour back for a minimum of 2 to 3 seconds allows the nicotine and flavours to absorb
  • Taking 7 puffs, each lasting 2 to 3 seconds is classed as having 1 normal cigarette
  • Inhaling steadily for 4 to 5 seconds will deliver an even stronger hit

How do I Store my E-Cigarette?

Keep out of reach of children and pets for reasons of safety. The battery should be stored in the Clear Mist box provided or in the optional hard case, away from sources of heat and direct sunlight when not in use. If you are not a regular user or only plan on using the Clear Mist E-Cig occasionally then always make sure you charge the battery fully before storing. The battery should always be recharged when depleted. Cartomizer refills are not intended to be stored for a prolonged period of time in a domestic environment and are best consumed within one month of purchasing. Refills should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat and humidity, preferably in a cool, dark cupboard or drawer. Refills are sealed with an outer wrapper to preserve their freshness, but refill contents will start to degrade and evaporate in a domestic environment. Clear Mist have special storage facilities to preserve the integrity of ingredients. Consumable products are only transferred to our central distribution centre when new stock is required. Our storage and production process assures only goods in peak condition are received by customers.

How do I fill my E Cigarette with E-Liquid?

Refilling instructions are provided with the Starter Kits in the box.
  • Use Clear Mist E-liquid
  • Do not inject pure VG based e-liquids
  • Do not overfill
  • Do not inject more than 1.6ml of e-liquid to prevent leakage
  • Do not allow the e-liquid level to drop below 0.6ml to prevent damage
  • Do not inject liquid inside the central air-intake hole
  • Ensure the rubber sealing ring is in place on the thread of the mouthpiece

Why is my CE6 Clearomizer Leaking?

CE6 Clearomizers are very reliable and leakproof by design if used correctly. The CE6 Clearomizer can leak under certain conditions:-
  • If the rubber sealing ring on the thread of mouthpiece has been lost
  • If placed in direct sunlight or in extreme heat ie) on the dashboard of a car or near a fire
  • If overfilled or incorrectly filled
  • If filled with a non-Clear Mist e-liquid
  • If excessively vaped, or vaped more than we recommend

Can I clean the CE6 Clearomizer?

Yes, and it's very easy to do so. There are two different levels of cleaning: Every Day Clean - The battery thread connector of the CE4 Clearomizer and the mouthpiece should be wiped with a tissue each day. You can also wash the mouthpiece under a running tap. Take care not to lose the sealing ring which fits on the thread of the mouthpiece. Full Clean - You can completely flush the CE6 Clearomizer out with hot (not boiling) water. Take care not to lose the sealing ring which fits on the thread of the mouthpiece. Repeat this process several times for optimum results. You will need to leave the CE6 Clearomizer to dry completely for 24 hours. Once dry and before refilling with e-liquid attach the CE6 Clearomizer to the battery and 'dry' vape by pressing the LED button down for 8 to 10 seconds without inhaling. Repeat the dry vape a second time and then refill with Clear Mist e-liquid. The wicks of the CE6 Clearomizer may take longer than normal to absorb the flavours of the e-liquid and the full flavour may not develop until refilling for a second time. We only recommend a 'Full Clean' if you are changing flavours or unused e-liquid left in the CE6 Clearomizer becomes sludge like in appearance.

Clear Mist UK

I’m new to e-cigarettes how do I choose, can I get some help?

It can seem confusing. With this in mind we have a ‘tailor-to-fit’ service available. Whether you are a first time purchaser of e-cigarette products or are wishing to purchase something different to your previous items please call us on 01204 288030 (office hours) for a chat. Our friendly staff will assess your requirements and suggest the right products tailored exactly to your needs. You will also be able to access any daily deals, offers or discounts we may have.

What should I buy to get started?

Any one of our starter kits which are designed to be simple and user-friendly, are ideal for first time users. The most popular Clear Mist rechargeable starter kits are the funky and slick ranges. Our Starter Kits are also a  popular model because it comes with a generous FREE Liquid and charger for convenient home charging.

Can you help me to quit smoking?

This is a very common question and the official answer is 'NO' because electronic cigarettes are not 'smoking cessation' devices or licenced pharmaceutical products. We market the Clear Mist E-Cig as a 'smoking alternative'. However, you can use your Clear Mist E-Cig for any reason you choose providing you are of legal age.

Is the Clear Mist e-Cigarette Regulated?

Yes! There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and in the press claiming that e-cigs are not regulated, but the term 'not regulated' is very misleading and grossly inaccurate. Sales of electronic cigarettes are covered by the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) and general consumer protection laws. The Clear Mist E-Cig is regulated by several government bodies including CHIP, COSHH, NMO and Trading Standards. Products are inspected, tested and analysed for possible toxicity and dangerous contaminants. E-cigarettes are regulated in the UK. The Clear Mist E-Cig is not regulated as a medicine because the device is not a pharmaceutical product and therefore cannot be regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Caffeine is another example of a product and drug that does not require to be regulated as a medicine.

What are the ingredients?

UKAS accredited laboratories conduct testing for Clear Mist and hundreds of other similar tests have been carried out within the industry, as well as independent government testing. The multitude of tests demonstrates precisely what is in the liquid ingredients:
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) CAS 57-55-6
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG or ‘Glycerol’) CAS 56-81-5
  • Nicotine CAS 54-11-5
  • Food-standard flavourings

What is propylene glycol?

Commonly referred to as PG and sometimes listed as 'propane-1,2-diol' in research articles, is an odourless, colourless and slightly sweet organic binding agent. Over 70 years of research has been conducted on PG proving that it is safe for human inhalation over long periods of time and the reason PG is used as the base compound for asthma inhalers. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Gycerine have been classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and do not represent a cancer hazard. PG attracts moisture which can lead to the drying of the throat and causes it to feel sore. This usually passes after a couple of days and drinking more fluid may help relieve the symptoms. If you are allergic to PG we recommend that you seek the advice of your GP before purchasing or using the Clear Mist E-Cig.

Is Nicotine Harmfull?

Nicotine is not a known carcinogenic and links to health issues are mostly inconclusive, but it is addictive. In excessive quantities it is classed as a poison, which is why toxic labeling is required. Clear Mist E-Cig nicotine levels are well below the legally permissible limit. Despite the potential hazards of nicotine itself, the MHRA describes it as 'a very safe drug'. Used in moderation, nicotine has been compared no more harmful than caffeine.

Is the Clear Mist E-Cigarette & Products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. The Clear Mist E-Cig main ingredients are; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Gylcerine, Nicotine and Flavourings, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Is there a danger of passive smoking?

No. There is no physical smoke with the Clear Mist E-Cig which means there is no passive or second-hand smoke dangers when using our e-cigarette.

Why is Clear Mist better than other brands?

Clear Mist have been at forefront of the e-cigarette market since 2009, helping replace over 70 million tobacco cigarettes with the Clear Mist E-Cig. Clear Mist's exceptional ingredients and flavourings are exclusively blended for the Clear Mist brand. Only a handful of 'companies' have the capability to produce 'exclusive' brand flavours. Most e-cigarette suppliers are 'home-run' ventures or small scale businesses that import crudely flavoured, generic products of low quality from the cheapest source.Considering you are inhaling vapour into your body every day it pays to go with the best company where quality and your safety are concerned.

Do you offer discount codes?

Yes! More information on Discount codes and Exclusive Offers can be found on our facebook site!

when does it arrive

We always aim to dispatch orders within two business days of them being placed. Orders to be shipped to mainland UK and Northern Ireland will be sent by Royal Mail 1st Class Standard. All orders over £50 in value are shipped by Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded, similarly orders outside the U.K are sent recorded aswell. Your parcel can take up to 6 business days to arrive, though items usually arrive within 2-3 days. Please note that Royal Mail may deliver your parcel on a Saturday. Orders over £250 are sent by DHL courier and require a signature; orders sent with this service usually arrive within 1-2 days. Orders to be shipped to addresses outside mainland UK and Northern Ireland are also sent by Royal Mail, but do not have a tracking number. These parcels can take up to 10 business days to arrive. International orders over £100 will be sent via DHL courier and usually arrive within 2-3 days depending on location. During busy periods or peak seasons, we may experience unforeseen delays. In these instances, we will always attempt to notify customers of any delays at the shopping basket stage before orders are placed, or via e-mail.

Company Info

Where is the company located?

Right here in the UK. Our head office and distribution centre are located at the following address: Clear Mist UK Ltd Unit 6/7 232 Waterloo Street Bolton BL18HU

Can I Sell Clear Mist E Cigarettes?

Yes and we welcome all trade and retail enquiries. Please contact with your company details and our Trade Account manager will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Returns and Refunds Policy



If you have had a change of heart you must return the item to Clearmist UK unused and in its original condition within  7 days for a refund. Each returned product must include all parts, accessories, instructions and packaging, etc. This includes items such as cable ties and plug covers. Please note that if security seals are broken or if blister packaging/original packaging has been opened then the product is not in its original condition and therefore you will not be refunded including any postage cost incurred by the customer/yourself Please contact a member of our Customer Services team on 01204 288030 (or email orders@clearmistuk.co.uk) and they will instruct you on how and where to return the items. All you pay for is the postage cost of returning the goods. For expensive items we recommend that you use a secure delivery method which requires a signature on receipt, as this insures the package in case it goes missing. The product will remain your responsibility until it has been signed for at the returns address. We do not accept responsibility for products lost or damaged in the post. We regret that we cannot accept returns on the following non-faulty products: • The products(s) has/have been personalized, made to order or customized in any way. • The packaging or any of the individual product components, has been unsealed or damaged. • The product(s) is/are perishable. • The non-faulty product does not arrive at Clearmist Uk in a resalable condition.  In this case we will not be able to offer you a refund. We will call you to arrange to send the product back to you and to take payment for the subsequent delivery costs. Clearmist also offers a credit return policy. This applies to any non-faulty product (as mentioned above) that we cannot refund (for any reason mentioned above). Clearmist UK will be more than happy to receive any non faulty package back and offer you credit of the equal amount to spend on any other Clearmist products you/customers may wish. This does not apply to faulty products. Please see below for our returns policy on faulty products. Clearmist UK reserves the right to make a choice regarding refund depending on the case and situation surrounding it. For any refunded item there will be a £6 administration charge


If the product you have ordered is faulty you have 7 days  from receiving  goods in which to return it.  Parcels or items damaged in transit must be verbally reported to Clearmist Uk before 3.00pm the next working day following delivery, and also by email within 3 days. Please contact a member of our Customer Services team 0161 700 7973 (or email orders@clearmistuk.co.uk) and they will instruct you on how to return the items to us and issue a Returns Authorization Code. Failure to do this will delay your return being processed. You are also required to complete a Returns Form (see ‘warranty’ link at the bottom of the website homepage) and return this with your order. When returning faulty items we may still ask you to return goods yourself. On receipt Clearmist Uk will repair or replace the product in it’s entirety, or by replacing the faulty component(s). We normally ask that goods are sent back via First Class Royal Mail (Recorded Delivery). NO REFUNDS ARE POSSIBLE FOR ANY PRODUCT WHICH HAS BEEN OPENED AND / OR USED. We will repair / replace any defective components which are under warranty but under no circumstances are refunds possible for any product which has been opened and or used in any way. If the deadline for reporting parcels damaged during transit is not met we regret that we will not be able to issue a refund or replacement goods. We will not confirm that we have received your return.  After receipt of your goods we aim to issue replacements / refunds within 7 working days. The cost of your gift will be refunded to the credit/debit card used to make the purchase. Please note refunds take 5 working days to clear from the point of processing.   This returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.   we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties” - this is important and needs to be stated on your site 

Warranty Claim

Always read and follow the instructions provided. Do not return a product to the sales merchant you have purchased your Clear Mist products from without first contacting us. Please use the contact us form on our website providing us with your order number and a brief description of your fault. Customer Services will troubleshoot your issue and e-mail you with instructions on how to fix the problem or provide you with information on how to return the product for testing. All returned products are subject to testing prior to sending any replacement. Please allow 14 days for a replacement to be issued. Clear Mist will repair or replace (with a new or reconditioned part) components that are faulty at our discretion. Please ensure that all returns are adequately labelled and packaged as we cannot return items lost in the post or damaged due to insufficient packaging.


The Clear Mist 14 day Limited Warranty strictly covers the original purchaser only under the following terms: USB charger, wall adaptor, car charger and batteries are warranted for a period of 14 days and may be repaired or replaced at our discretion, a maximum of 1 (one) time only. Batteries are consumable and as such are warranted for 14 days from the date of purchase. Batteries are manufactured to the highest standard, but may fail or degrade over a period of time, especially if used incorrectly. The expected lifespan of an electronic cigarette battery is around 2-3 months or a maximum of 150 charge cycles, depending on usage. Replacement batteries may be purchased from the Clearmist online store. Refilling cartomizers with any substance may damage the automatic battery and will invalidate your warranty. Cartomizers (Refills) are consumable products not covered under warranty due to the consumable nature of the product, and for health and hygiene purposes. The Warranty excludes defects arising from accidental damage, misuse, inadequate maintenance, improper charging or use of alternative charging adaptors, or unauthorized modifications including the use of e-liquid substances.

Recycling Information

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires new electrical products and batteries are marked with the crossed out wheelie bin symbol. Products marked with the wheelie bin symbol should be disposed of separately from normal household waste. Under the WEEE 'free take-back' scheme, we will ‘take-back’ returned used Clear Mist batteries, chargers and filters and ensure they are disposed of safely. If you would like to return your WEEE regulated products to Clear Mist for safe disposal then please post to: 24, North Dene Park, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9JN. Please Note: Customers are required to pay the postage cost for WEEE returns. Find your nearest electrical recycling facility by contacting your local council or by search, ing the www.direct.gov.uk website.

E Liquids & Clearomizer

Why is my E-liquid a different colour?

Nicotine is a very reactive chemical, and therefore will vary in the colour of the solution, and this is dependant on the mix of extracts. A more pinkish colour is attributed to the involvement of PG, whilst a yellow colour is attributed to PEG. Additional flavouring compounds can contribute to colour changes, although the main catalysts for colour change are simply reaction to light and oxidization. For the best storage of E-liquid we recommend a cool dark and dry cupboard for example. The colour of E-liquid may darken but this does not affect the taste or nicotine hit you receive. You may purchase the same flavour but it appears different in colour and this is due to the nicotine mix, which may vary from batch to batch. This would result in a variation of colours in certain flavours of E- liquids, however the taste would remain identical.

Why has my tobacco e-liquid come with a different name?

Unbranded flavours such as Strong Mint or Tutti Frutti will generally have the same name upon the e-liquid bottle label.  Brand names, however, are copyrighted and will appear differently on labels.  To give some examples:  Red Bull becomes Energy Cow. Benson & Hedges becomes UK Gold. Etc.  

What is Clear Mist e-Liquid?

Clear Mist E-liquid is intended for use by committed, long-term or excessive vapers who are ready to move on from using Cartomizers and take the next step with the e-cigarette Clear Mist E-liquid is designed for use with all our  Tank refillable electronic cigarette.  

Why has my E Liquid Changed Colour?

Clear Mist E-liquid will change colour once opened, or exposed to light and air. This is perfectly natural and e-liquid can go through many stages of colour changes ranging from yellow to brown, gradually darkening in time. Once opened we recommend e-liquid to be consumed within 30 days. If your Clear Mist E-liquid rapidly changes colour after refilling then your CE6 Clearomizer may need cleaning and may also have been contaminated by a foreign substance i.e.) food. Inhaling excessively from the CE6 Clearomizer can also cause the e-liquid to overheat and burn which will result in a dark brown, almost black coloured e-liquid.

Facebook Info

Posting Guidelines

Over 18's only. You must be 18 years or above to use this Facebook page and Clearmist  services. Anyone suspected of being under 18 will be banned from this page. Your opinion matters and we love hearing from our customers. That said, sometimes action needs to be taken regarding certain types of posts. Our posting guidelines may help you understand our policy that relates to making posts on our business page. Please read all the Facebook sub-sections  


Facebook features an automated filter built into business pages. The automated filter will sometimes mark a post as 'spam' and hide the post from public view. To help prevent Facebook automatically marking your post as spam, we recommend you avoid making the following type of posts:
  • Posts in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. If 'Caps Lock' is engaged and your post is made in all capital letters then Facebook will interpret your post as spam. The post will then need to be manually reviewed. We may choose to "unhide" the post upon review. However, if we believe that a post or reply has nothing to do with the original post or is in breach of our guidelines, we will leave the post hidden from view.
  • Posts containing links (URL's). Facebook's built in spam filters are likely to mark a post containing only a link or URL as spam. If we determine that the link or URL is off topic or does not relate to Clear Mist, we will leave the post hidden from view.
Please note: Facebook may make changes to and/or remove access to features of a business page at anytime.  


We may delete posts for a variety of reasons, such as but not inclusive:
  • Harassing, insulting, confrontational comments or profanity. Please show respect to fans and us. If we deem a comment to be unsuitable, we will delete the comment. If someone continues to post comments we deem unsuitable, we will ban the person from our page.
  • Comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the original post. Most people visit our page to see the latest industry information and news about our products and special offers. We aim to keep our wall clean and facilitate good conversation about our products. When you visit our page and make a post on another topic then the original thread quickly becomes meaningless and confusing to other followers. We refer to this as 'hijacking' a topic. Off topic posts will be removed and in some circumstances the person may also be banned from posting.
  • Posts that contain links or content that advertise something that has nothing to do with Clear Mist UK. If you operated a retail business and someone visited your store for the purpose of telling your customers to shop elsewhere, how would feel or react? This is disrespectful to us and our customers.
  • Spamming or ranting about an issue you have with our product or service. All companies will have issues on occasion. At Clear Mist we have a Customer Service department dedicated to providing professional after sales support. However, Customer Services are unable to deal with these enquiries here due to the data protection laws which prevent us from collecting the information we require to properly log the event. Our support team needs to interact with you directly. Posting your issue or negative comments here does not help facilitate this process, and as such, we will remove posts which we deem problematic and ban the person posting if necessary. We encourage you to call or e-mail our Customer Services department for assistance.
We try to avoid deleting posts unless we have to. Please remember to be respectful to other followers and us and we'll do the same.

Can I ask a question on Facebook?

Some questions and enquiries are better handled by e-mail or phone including:
  • My battery doesn't work
  • Where is my delivery
  • My cartomizer/battery is not lasting
  • What's my password
When it comes to order numbers, personal details, tracking numbers and such, we cannot reply on Facebook and troubleshoot the problem without breaking data protection laws. This means our reply would be limited and posts cannot be answered fully. We have a customer services team that handles all these enquiries and our customer support process helps keep your details private. Please read the 'Introduction to Posting Guidelines' section for more information.


I’ve received my order and something is slightly different, why?

It is rare but very occasionally we may be awaiting a certain flavour of e-liquid in a certain strength into our warehouses (we do stock approximately 400 variations after all!). Research tells us that customers prefer a slight change to their order rather than any delay, understandable as these products are used to replace tobacco products. If this affects your order be assured we will make every effort to inform you. With this in mind please ensure your contact details are logged correctly upon placing your order. We will first call any contact number you have given us. If there is no answer we will leave a message and then back this up with an email to the address given.

Who can use an E Cigarette?

Clear Mist E-Cigs can be purchased and used by anyone aged 18 years or older in the UK. If you are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or breast feeding we recommend consulting your GP before purchasing or using the Clear Mist E-Cig due to the product containing nicotine. If you are unsure of use, please consult your doctor before using any electronic cigarette product.

How can I order?

We recommend placing your order online for fast and secure processing. To order a regular Clear Mist UK  E-Cig Kit, you can visit our shopping area. You can also place a telephone order by calling 01204 288030 (local rate) during office hours. Discount codes cannot be applied to telephone orders.

Why has my card been declined?

All credit card and debit card online orders are processed by Paypal. The authorisation checks carried out by Paypal can only verify UK registered cards. For orders outside of the UK - eg: Eire, Europe, US, please pay by Paypal by selecting this option at checkout. If your UK credit/debit card is declined please carefully check the billing address details provided ensuring they match your card registered address. The Security Code or AVS check is the last three digits on the back of your card.

What Company Name will appear on my Statement?

Clear Mist UK will appear on statements and receipts.

Where is my order confirmation?

Order confirmations, tracking information and invoices are automatically e-mailed to customers. You may need to check your e-mail spam or junk folder if you are unable to see messages in your main inbox. A packing slip is sent with the order to the Delivery address and will not display the cost of items purchased. Our order error report shows that hundreds of confirmation e-mails are sent to non-existent e-mail addresses. Please check the e-mail address you have provided is correct. Most common problem: name@yahooo.com or name@yaho.co.uk

How do I See my Order History?

You will need to create an 'Account' prior to completing the checkout process to keep track of your full order history. If you use the Instant Checkout option you will not be able to view your complete order history.


What nicotine dosage should I choose?

Cartomizer refill strength is a personal preference. We provide the following purely as a guide.
  • Strong 16mg (1.6% per ml) - 15+ cigarettes per day (most popular)
  • Regular 11mg (1.1% per ml) - 10 to 15 cigarettes per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption
  • Mild 6mg (0.6% per ml) - 10 cigarettes or less per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption
  • Zero 0mg - Nicotine-free solution

How can I get a stronger nicotine Hit?

First of all, make sure that you are using the correct strength of filter. The Strong 16mg (1.6% per ml) is our most popular nicotine strength. Taking quick puffs will be less effective and nicotine will not readily absorb. Each inhale should be slow, steady and last for a minimum of 2 seconds. Hold the vapour back for a couple of seconds before slowly exhaling. Taking a longer inhale of around 5 to 6 seconds will help deliver a stronger nicotine hit. We want to encourage you to quit smoking, and therefor allow all our customers to choose their nicotine dosage right down to 0ml.

Can you provide a mixed refill flavour?

Cartomizer refills are packaged by machine in flavouring batches on a production/assembly line. The process means that the flavouring is blended with the other ingredients and injected into the refills in measured quantities, sealed and then boxed in batch runs. Our large production cycle is designed to be highly efficient to handle Clear Mist's high customer demand and cannot be downsized to inject and pack individual flavored filters into smaller mixed packs. But........ you can purchase a mix and match selection deal from us!

What Ingredients are in Clear Mist E-Liquids?

Clear Mist E-Cig refills contain nicotine, polypropylene glycol (an ingredient found in many health products, medicines, foods and drinks), vegetable glycerin (found in many food products) and common flavourings. Flavourings may contain traces of nuts.